Workshop 2, Day 1

Delving deeper into the Causal Body

The anandamaya kosha, aka the Bliss Sheath, is a state of avidya, or ignorance. Within this sheath are our seeds of karma, in the form of vasanas (desires) and samskaras (mental impressions). Samskaras are our habits, good and bad, that seem to be imprinted in our mind. Vasanas and samskaras will exist after we die and help bring about the Astral and Gross Bodies.

There are three types of karma

  1. Sanchita karma: all accumulated karma from past lives
  2. Parabdha karma: all ripe karma
  3. Agami karma: karma that we create now


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The anandamaya kosha is also a modification (vritti) of Prakriti

The different levels of joy/bliss are:

  • Priya: joy when you see an object of desire
  • Moda: joy of getting object of desire
  • Pramoda: greatest joy after your enjoyment of that object

(Now, some of you may be reading what I just wrote and ask, What’s wrong with joy? The point is that the feeling of joy is temporary. No object gives you eternal joy. All objects will eventually cause pain and suffering. It’s only when you transcend the anandamaya kosha that you will find true and everlasting happiness.)

How to realize our separateness

  • Anamaya kosha: bear heat or cold (i.e. take a cold shower)
  • Pranamaya kosha: bear hunger and thirst
  • Manomaya kosha: bear insult and injury/disrespect
  • Vijnanamaya kosha: conquer our worries, tribulations and sorrows; this is achieved by discrimination of what is real and not real
  • Anandamaya kosha: control sleep and tamas/lethargy

MokshaAnalogy(Click on image to increase size)


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