Workshop 1, Day 2

Sivananda Small Portrait 1Delving deeper into the Astral Body

There are three sheaths/layers and 19 elements

(Sri Swami Sivananda, at right)



  • Made up of the vital airs/prana and karma indriyas
  • Five major pranas, aka gross pranas:

— Prana: responsible for the body’s inhalation and exhalation

— Apana: responsible for bodily excretion (the downward flow from the body)

— Vyana: circulation of the blood

— Udana: swallowing of food; it also carries the atman to Brahman during sleep and is responsible for separating the Astral Body from the Gross Body upon death

— Samana: digestion of food

  • Five subpranas:

— Naga: belching/hiccups/vomiting

— Kurma: opening and closing of the eyelids

— Krikara: the cause of hunger

— Devadatta: yawning

— Dhanajaya: nourishment of the body, decomposition of the body upon death and ejection of the child from the body (these three represent the gunas)

  • Karma indriyas:

— Walking

— Grasping

— Eating

— Reproducing

— Elimination


  • Jnana indriyas

— Seeing

— Hearing

— Tasting

— Feeling

— Smelling

  • Chitta: the mind stuff/consciousness
  • Manas: mind/memory


  • Buddhi: intellect
  • Ahamkar: ego

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