Workshop 1, Day 1

I am going to post my notes from my weekend workshops. All took place in Athens, Georgia, USA, with Vastu School of Yoga’s Lorrie Conglose.

Most of what was discussed during these first few workshops were review, but it was helpful because I had forgotten many things in the three years since my first YTT (yoga teacher training).

The twofold meaning behind the word “yoga”

Yoga, which translates as “union,” is 1) a process and a practice of uniting the self (atman) and the Self (paramatman). This act brings us to a state of realization of that oneness. Yoga is also 2) a state of being.

In the beginning…


(Click on image to increase size.)

The three bodies

1. The Causal Body

  • The Causal Body, aka Karana Sariva, causes the existence of the other two bodies
  • Bliss is its nature
  • Seeds of karma are stored here
  • It is a state of ignorance because of the illusion (maya) of separateness from Brahman
  • Within it is the anandamaya kosha, or bliss sheath

2. The Astral Body

  • The Astral Body, aka Sukshma Sarira, aka the Subtle Body, aka the Energetic Body, is the exact duplicate of the Gross Body (no. 3)
  • Its effects are felt in the Gross Body
  • It is made up of 19 elements (the 5 pranas, the 5 karma indriyas/senses of action, the 5 jnana indriyas/senses of knowledge, chitta (consciousness), buddhi (intellect), manas (mind) and ahamkar (ego)
  • Within it are three sheaths, or layers: pranamaya kosha, or life force sheath; manomaya kosha, or mind sheath; and vijnanamaya kosha, or intellectual sheath

3. Gross Body

  • The Gross Body, aka Sthula Sarira, aka the Physical Body, is a duplicate of the Astral Body (no. 2)
  • Its effects are felt in the Astral Body
  • Within it is the annamaya kosha, or the food sheath

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